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The local Farm Bureau had an idea that they knew they needed help with.

They contacted the Benton County Corn Producers knowing that they could depend on them to lend a hand with the project.

And they did.

On Thursday, a group of the Benton County Corn Producers met at the Benton County Secondary Roads shop where our road crews work and store their equipment.

The idea was to take just a few minutes to thank the road crews for all of the hours that they put into maintaining the roads in Benton County.

This is a group of guys that you don't even think about...until it snows or in the case this week, when you are driving down the gravel roads, and find ruts large enough to sink a car.

These are the guys that get in their maintainers and smooth the road out again so that all of us can function.

It's a thankless job and often they hear about it if it's not done right. But more often than not those of us that live in the country understand the downside to living here. It's mud and snow.

But we also understand the guys here do the best that they can to make it not as bad as it could be.

With over 1,000 miles of county roads to maintain, they do an excellent job for all of us.

The local Farm Bureau and the Benton County Corn producers teamed up to say thank you to this crew but bringing in lunch to the road crew.

A big thank you to them for keeping the farmers going (and the rest of us).

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