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Pine 7 taking a team photo before sitting down for dinner.

Pine 7’s Final Project Deployment in FEMA Corps

by John Dolan

It has been quite the journey since the members of Pine 7 arrived at the North Central Campus last summer. They have come from different parts of the country, but share a burning desire to get things done for America. After a successful round of service in Puerto Rico, Pine 7 was deployed to their last assignment in New York City. After receiving their assignment, the team loaded up their van and set off on their two day journey to the Big Apple.

Pine 7 is currently assisting the Management and Analysis Branch in FEMA’s Region II Headquarters at the One World Trade Center. In addition, team members are assisting the Communications Division with a variety of data work. Pine 7’s work with the Management and Analysis Branch is directly related to the recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy developed from a tropical wave in the western Caribbean Sea, quickly strengthened, and was upgraded to Tropical Storm Sandy. On October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern coast of the United States that affected twenty-four states. Inflicting nearly $70 billion in damage, it was the second-costliest hurricane on record in the United States until surpassed by Hurricane Harvey and Maria in 2017.

“I hope to learn more about the impact of Hurricane Sandy and how it affected this community,” says team member Megan Nelson. “There will always be challenges, but I look forward to seeing the impact our team will have on Region II.”

In addition, to exploring the community outside of work hours, Pine 7 has had the opportunity to reflect on their FEMA Corps experience. It seems like yesterday when they all arrived at the North Central Campus in July. Now, they are on their last leg of their FEMA Corps journey. With graduation approaching in April, Pine 7 has been grateful for the opportunity to serve their country and learn new skills along the way. The team will carry these skills and memories with them throughout their time in New York and for the rest of their professional lives.

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