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For Christmas break, I will be visiting my family and staying home but at least I’ll be giving and getting presents. My brother, Colton, will be coming to our house on Christmas eve and my sister's girlfriend will be coming over on New Year’s eve as well. We don’t get a lot of presents but we give friends and family presents. I don’t care about what I get, I just really care about the way the people feel when THEY receive a present. The way others faces light up is better than selfishness!!..... (by Evian)

Have A Merry Christmas Or Any Holiday You Celebrate!!!...

Christmas Break

By: Marjorie

On Christmas break, I will celebrate two times, one with both grandmas. On the 23rd, I get to go bowling with everyone on my Grandma Davis’ side. I was asked by my aunt to stay at her house with all the kids but I said no because me and my dad were going to go ring bells at Fareway in Vinton! I am excited for Christmas but not because I don't like school.

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