Here are a few more advertisements from Mrs. Hyland's third-grade students, who have been working on persuasive communication:

X Box 360

By Matthew

Do you want your children to exercise? Are you tired of getting wet and cold when you try to go outside to play? If so, buy an X Box 360. With an X Box 360 your kids can learn how to build by playing games like mine craft. You can also play more active games like basketball. You no longer have to worry about one person hogging the Nook. Several people can play X Box 360 at once. If you buy now, you can get two free controllers.

Nerf Glowing Football

By Wyatt

Is your child bored when they're outside? Well, now buy the new Nerf Glowing football! It will make them want to be outside every day. Your children will be exercised and outside. They might become a famous athlete in the Olympics. Buy one and get another one free!!

Wubble Bubble Ball

by Tiearra

I would play with it and bounce it in the air. Keep it away from sharp stuff. I can play with it in the back yard. I want a big red one.

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