I think school uniforms are not very smart because when you're wearing a school uniform, you can't show who you really are. Some people show who they are in how they dress, like someone sporty will wear shorts and a t-shirt and someone who isn't as sporty will wear skirts and a dress to show who they are. Besides, the uniform will cost a lot of money, especially if you have to buy school supplies too. - Student

I personally think that school uniforms are a good idea because a lot of kids are getting judged by what they wear, like a person who loves sports and wears a puppy shirt to school people will think that they are a girly girl but that's not who they are. Many kids are getting judged by what they wear and they don't know anything about them. And in some schools kids are "popular" by what they wear, so then we might be able to solve that problem just by one little thing. Also I've noticed that some people that wear a shirt once that isn't "in style" the response can be well... not kind. Also the fact with uniforms, I personally like them, they have different types of clothes, they have skirts and pants and shorts I think, so they have the types of clothing they need for different weather, and that's why I think that school uniforms are a good idea. Brynn J.

I hate school uniforms because they cost money, and you could forget the days to wear them. You would also have to wash the uniform every day to wear it the next day. So it would be a pain to have school uniforms. Noah L.

I think it's a good thing but instead of having to "use" them, I would rather buy the uniform. Also it would be a good idea to have uniforms. It tells people that we're a team and have spirit so thats a good thing. It's very good. Maybe every Friday we should have a Spirit day and wear our team colors. Thank you for reading. - Student

Kids should not have to wear school uniforms. You should be able to express your style and be who you are. I agree with school sport uniforms but making kids wear matching clothes every day I do not agree with. If we wore the same thing every day the style would look so boring. Carly W.

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As a graduate of the now known as " Vinton - Shellsburg " school district. The idea of a school uniform, was an idea I totally hated, for much of the same reasons as stated, previously. However I am a resident of Waterloo and the school district addopted a "uniform" policy several years ago, and too much surprise the cost factor is that much drifferent than going out and buying regular clothes.....The UNIFORMS that the students wear here(in Waterloo) are polo shirts and dress slacks/ pants which are purchased at Wal-mart, K-mart, and Target stores.
Now ofcourse each school district can decide as to what the school uniform will look like, but from my view, It's not that bad.........
thank-you ,
Duane McNeal
WHS graduate/ class of 1987
By: Duane McNeal on September 18th 2:08pm

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