The Vinton-Shellsburg choir concert performances by the Middle School singers included many Jr. Journalists, who shared their thoughts about the concert afterwards:

On May 19th, the 6th-12th grade performed a concert at the Vinton Shellsburg Middle School. First the 6th graders performed then the 7th and so on. Over all my favorite song was Ruben and Rachel (performed by 7th graders). At the end everyone sang Mungo Ni Pendo.

- Jordan Pattee

I loved the choir concert because of the songs. My favorite song was 'Love Song' by Taylor Swift. I think the concert needed more modern songs but they were good.


My favorite part was the Magical Kingdom group. I also liked "Hey Brother," but my all time favorite was "Reuben and Rachel." My least favorite was "Shine on Me" because I could not hear them.


I believe I can fly" is the best song in the world.

-Brooke T.

What I thought about the concert and my favorite song was "Rhythm of Life" or "I Believe I Can Fly" because I like the dance moves in Rhythm.... and I Believe... because it meant something to me.


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