We asked our Jr. Journalists to share what they would like to do if they could be either Mayor of Vinton or President of the U.S.

Below are their responses:

If I were president I would ban kid proof items. sometimes there really hard to open lol. I would also say school is free! I would create more jobs for people. I would also raise charity, and donate to animal shelters and have all pets free.

-Jesse H.

If i was president i would make sure that people could not kill endangered species if they did they would go to jail. Also that homeless people would get a job to buy what they need to live. I would also have every school put in a buddy bench so that kids who do not have something to do during recess someone could walk over and ask them to play.

-Haley C.

If I were president I would change the law were girls would have to be 11 to drive and only girls could be president and who ever was president they could be president for however long they wanted to be. When you went to school you would only have school on Monday and Tuesday and you could choose if you wanted to go the rest of the week like to go see your friends and stuff.

-Kiley S.

I would change the law to be were girls would be able to drive at 11. Where we would only have school on on Friday. Only girls could be president. I would make a law were you can stay out as late as u can.

-Kellsie L.

If I was MAYOR I would give people a home to live in so they are not on the street.


If I was president or mayor I would make restricted laws like if someone was littering they would have a $100 fine and some community service for three hours and if they skip the community service they would have a consequence. The consequence would be they would get there vehicle taken away and they would have to pay a $200 fine. I would also make sure endangered animals would not be killed like bald eagles. Also people shouldn't shoot anything or anyone. People can kill animals to eat them like if someone is very poor then they can kill animals like fish and deer. There would be always paved roads and never traffic jams. No one can speed ever, ever.


If I were president or mayor I would have stricter rules. If you liter for the first time you have a $100 fine and a day worth of community service. If you do it again theres a bigger punishment. I would make sure the roads stay smooth and clear for people to get to work even in terrible weather.I would make sure that anybody including the poor would have a chance to go to college. Iwould not allow people to hunt deer in the fields around town. If they do I would fine them $50.


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