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My feelings about Christmas

By Vinton Today · December 4th, 2013
By Kellsie I am so happy that Christmas is coming and happy for it to pass because it is lots of fun but it is very hard to find gifts for your family. But I really love Christmas and getting to spend time with my family with love.

My birthday is two days before Christmas, Dec. 23. I get a lot of presents each year because my birthday is so close to Christmas. I still love Christmas because i give presents and receive presents. I have not seen my family in a long time so i really want to.

My Christmas List

By Lillie · December 3rd, 2013
For Christmas I want a pair of cowgirl boots, and a pair of knit boots. I also want an Ipad mini, or a tablet. I also would like a fun loom, and any other clothes, especially scarves. I also really want a white Christmas, its so much prettier with snow!

What I would like for Christmas

By Franki · December 3rd, 2013
For Christmas I would like camouflage clothes and a camouflage bed spread. Then some tan square-toed boots. For DVDs, I would like Duck Dynasty seasons and Full House seasons.


By Vinton Today · December 3rd, 2013
What I like about December is the snow and how it shines and sparkles when the sun hits it. I also like baking cookies and putting up the Christmas tree and the decorations.I also love going to my church for our Christmas play. I also participate in the Act 1 Christmas play; I am one of the lead roles this year.

Winter and Christmas

By Brooke Thomsen · December 3rd, 2013
I like Christmas because we get presents and I like baking cookies and I will get to see my baby cousin.

The wonderful month of snow

By Kennedy · December 3rd, 2013
I love December because of the white blanket of snow that blends with the snow- white skies covering towering pines and icicles forming everywhere. I love the smell of evergreens, ginger, and peppermint. I like looking out the window watching the snow coat the ground. I like listening to Christmas carols and sipping hot chocolate, snowman soup or warm apple cider, blessed with warmth and family.

What I want for Christmas

By Vinton Today · December 3rd, 2013
I wish to get a blow dart gun, Windows 8 laptop, the X-Box game MineCraft, and the X-Box game Black Ops 2.


By Steven Sauer · December 3rd, 2013
December is the month of giving stuff to people. It's the month that has Christmas. It's the month that you have to be nice and its my favorite month of the year!

My thoughts about December

By Jesse · December 3rd, 2013
December is one of my favorite months. I am so excited for Christmas. I am going to my grandma's for Christmas and are going to see all my family. It is going to be great!. This is why I am excited about December and Christmas. Why are you excited about December or Christmas?

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