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Jr Journalists

Winter fun

By Kellsie · February 19th, 2014
We have a snow fort that is up to our roof! It would be fun, but we are not allowed to climb on the roof. So, that is not fun but we have two snow forts but one is bigger. Winter is fun.!!! I love Winter!

Coke Commercial: Thoughts from VSMS

By Vinton Today · February 11th, 2014
We asked our Jr. Journalists to weigh in on the Coke Super Bowl Commercial Controversy. After watching the commercial, the students (like American adults) expressed a variety of opinions. Here are their thoughts: I do not think it is right because of the different languages and it showing people that are not from the U.

My favorite Olympic sport....

By Vinton Today · January 28th, 2014
I like the olympics.My favorite sport is the ice skating dancing because it looks really neat and I like the twirls and leaps the also have awesome costumes. -Haley. I like watching the Winter Olympics. My favorite sports to watch are figure skating, skiing and wrestling. Figure Skating is fun to watch when the girls twirl and dance, I like their costumes, too.

My favorite class...

By Jr. Journalist · January 22nd, 2014
This week's topic in Junior Journalism was "My Favorite Class." Here are the student's thoughts on that subject: I like math and science Because they are fun.Because we do fun labs. Because we do math stuff. Student: Brooke Gym because we get to roller skate next week.

Whoa, Thatís a Big Downy!

By Benton County Conservation · January 21st, 2014
By Coralee Bodeker Two black and white birds, both woodpeckers, white patch along their backs and undersides, black wings painted with white brush marks, white wing tips, one with a vibrant red smear on the back of its crown. . . Practically identical birds, but which is which and how do I tell as they jerk up the tree in exactly the same manner? Now that winter has a firm grip on Iowa with a three-to-four-inch snowpack resting on the ground, I’ve been noticing an abundance of birds visiting my feeders &mdash...

Late starts and snow days: Jr. Journalists share their thoughts

By Vinton Today · January 15th, 2014
The Vinton-Shellsburg Middle School Junior Journalists shared their thoughts on how the weather is affect the school schedule with late starts and snow days. I like late starts because I get to sleep in a hour or so. I also hate it because I like school, math is my favorite subject and then language.

My feelings about Christmas

By Vinton Today · December 4th, 2013
By Kellsie I am so happy that Christmas is coming and happy for it to pass because it is lots of fun but it is very hard to find gifts for your family. But I really love Christmas and getting to spend time with my family with love.

My birthday is two days before Christmas, Dec. 23. I get a lot of presents each year because my birthday is so close to Christmas. I still love Christmas because i give presents and receive presents. I have not seen my family in a long time so i really want to.

My Christmas List

By Lillie · December 3rd, 2013
For Christmas I want a pair of cowgirl boots, and a pair of knit boots. I also want an Ipad mini, or a tablet. I also would like a fun loom, and any other clothes, especially scarves. I also really want a white Christmas, its so much prettier with snow!

What I would like for Christmas

By Franki · December 3rd, 2013
For Christmas I would like camouflage clothes and a camouflage bed spread. Then some tan square-toed boots. For DVDs, I would like Duck Dynasty seasons and Full House seasons.

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