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V-S FFA Participates in the Linn-Mar Livestock Judging

By Vinton-Shellsburg Community Schools · December 3rd, 2019
By: Isabel Mullinex    A team of four FFA members, Josh Wiley, Christopher Fleming, Clayton McKenna, and Haley Swanson, went to the Linn-Mar Livestock Judging event on October 15th, 2019. After school, the group took a van to Kirkwood Community College’s Tippe Beef Center. The FFA members judged two classes of heifers, two classes of pigs, and a class of sheep and goats.

V-S FFA Round-Up Meeting A Success

By Vinton-Shellsburg Community Schools · December 3rd, 2019
By: Isabel Mullinex On September 23rd, 2019, the Vinton-Shellsburg FFA chapter had one of their biggest meetings of the year. We had a potluck at the Riverside Pavilion. Many members gathered for the wonderful food options, were able to have fun, and accomplish a full meeting agenda. The meeting started at 6:30 pm.

District Soil Judging 2019

By Vinton-Shellsburg Community Schools · December 3rd, 2019
Maren Redlinger VS FFA Co-Reporter District Soil Judging was held September 25, 2019 at Hawkeye Community College.The Vinton Shellsburg FFA chapter took two teams of four students. Those teams consisted of Owen Novotny, Andrew Brummer, Christopher Fleming, Logan Tharp, William Miller, Hailey Swanson, Brant Ortner, and Mathew Rippel.

Iowa FFA State Officer Visit

By Vinton-Shellsburg Community Schools · December 3rd, 2019
Maren Redlinger VS FFA Co-Reporter On October 11th the Vinton Shellsburg FFA chapter had the privilege of hosting three Iowa FFA state officers: Chandler Jahner, Shelby Westhoff, and Grace Long. The officers arrived at Vinton Shellsburg High School at around 8 am and were welcomed by Advisor Melissa Heeren and some members of the chapter.


By North Eden Willing Workers · October 29th, 2019
First, take off the tabs and help reduce the expenses for children who need to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. The North Eden Willing Workers 4H club has begun their service project for the year! This year, they will be collecting pop tabs off of pop cans all around local businesses in Vinton. The club will keep these boxes up throughout the year, emptying them when necessary.

North Eden Willing Workers Minutes

By North Eden Willing Workers · October 29th, 2019
The meeting of the North Eden Willing Workers was called to order at 3:15. We discussed our harvest meals at the local co-ops and discussed the amount of money made. We discussed what to do for our November and December meetings, and what to do for our holiday party. Some of the ideas were to show a movie at the local theater, skating or bowling.

Credit card advice

By Vinton Today · April 22nd, 2015
By Paul Johnson For all you boys & girls going to college I am here to tell you something important about credit cards, some people will try to give to you. They may make it sound good; for example a 6 month free but once it's gone the stuff you paid with it in those months will cost you, and if you don't pay on time interest will double in price and some who graduated owe 8 years worth of interest to pay.

Junior Journalist dreams of taking it easy

By Junior Journalists · March 11th, 2015
Someplace that I would like to go during the springtime is to Maui where you can lay on the beach and read a good book in the nice warm sand under the sun. There are also beautiful waterfalls and dense rain forests. There are a ton of paths you can follow. The whole island is a very beautiful place to visit.

Changes to be made to Middle School Entrance this Summer

By Jr. Journalist · January 28th, 2015
The office is doing a project. In the summer they will start and build a new part to it where if people after 8:30 want to come in, they have to go through there. It will take about a month to finish and was the cheapest idea. They are doing it to see who is coming in and for safety. They will have a window area so they can talk to whoever wants to come in.

VSMS students share thoughts on Martin Luther King Day

By Vinton Today · January 22nd, 2015
I think Martin Luther King, Jr was an amazing guy with big dreams. He was African American. He believed the color of your skin didn’t matter. It was what was in your heart and head. Martin Luther gave a speech about a dream he had where the world was united and we all got along together. Martin Luther conducted many sit-ins and walks to prove the color of your skin was just the color of your skin.

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