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My favorite school subject is gym mostly because we get to exercise and I can get in shape for many of the sports I play in. Gym can also help me get faster, stronger, gain agility and help me in my strategy, like when we play Capture the Flag, It can also help me decide whether or not to go for the flag or defend my own team's flag. With my agility in dodgeball, I can help myself with my throwing and dodging the balls. With catcher, I can help my speed by pushing my legs faster and dodging the people. Weightlifting in gym will also help my muscles stand the different exercises and build more muscles. - Alexis

I like art because I like to do crafts and the projects we do are fun like the mythical creatures we made with implied textures. Now we are working on shading. After we get done working we get to listen to music and play on our devices. - Eli

My favorite subject is math because I love homework! I also love math because Mr. PJ is awesome and he explains the lessons really well. Some of the fun activities that we do in the class are worksheets and some fun toys like problem solving puzzles! That is why I love math. - Marjorie

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