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If I had a garden or had a garden sent to me, or any garden items in particular, I would have a carrot garden because carrots are my favorite vegetable. They are rich in vitamin A and are excellent for eyesight. Christian S. I think that school should have fresh produce from gardens and not from bags because: 1. They taste better 2. They are better for you If you grow garden food there is more of a chance that people will eat it because you can just taste the freshness. A lot of people like corn, carrots, cucumber, and broccoli so try having more of those vegetables. People also like apples, pineapple, grapes, and bananas so have more of those fruits. By: Katherine They can ask the community to help support a garden club where the kids can grow the food or they can go to the town garden and help harvest it so the school gets the food. The kids would have to help after school but they can see their hard work pay off by making the school have better and healther food. Student. I think that schools should provide fresh food from the garden. Schools should have grains because grains will keep you full longer so that way kids don't raid your freezer after school. They should also have fruit, because it is good for you, as well as veggies because they can help with focus along with many other benefits. Plus, lots of people like corn on the cob or carrots with any type of side. Also for school money, more people might get the school lunch because they might not like canned carrots but may love fresh ones so school income may prosper. Brynn I think field to school is a good idea for two reasons: students will eat more veggies because they taste better than ones in bags from the store and it will save the school more money because garden veggies stay fresh. One thing that could make it better is to grow more veggies like tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli. You could also grow fruits. Student

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