The experiences we have as a child can have a profound impact on us, both positively and negatively. A growing body of research has shown the connection that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have in relation to the development of a wide range of health problems throughout one’s life.

What constitutes an ACE is varied, and would include such traumatic events such as abuse (physical, sexual, emotional), neglect, and domestic violence, substance use within the home, divorce or household mental illness. Research done on ACEs demonstrates that the more adverse events an individual has growing up, the more likely they are to experience later health problems in life.

Prevention of ACEs, and help for adults already effected, starts with education on what ACEs are, the associated negative health outcomes, and training on how to mitigate the impacts of ACEs. Through understanding of adverse childhood experiences and the long-term consequences they can carry, we can raise awareness of the issue and begin to proactively address it.

The Area Substance Abuse Council and Above the Influence Coalition is working together to provide trainings on Adverse Childhood Experiences. Through this presentation you will learn more on ACEs, how they impact individuals and ways to work with those that are impacted by ACEs. This is a free resource that is being offered to any individual, group, organization or business. If you want to receive more information about ACEs or to set up a presentation, please contact David Condry at or Lindsey Ungs at

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