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Lutheran Services in Iowa (LSI) will now provide the Early Childhood Iowa Family Support Program to eligible families in the Vinton area. The program was formerly offered by Horizons - A Family Service Alliance in Vinton, but transitioned to LSI earlier this year. LSI has taken steps over the last six months to formally transition the program.

The name of the program is also transitioning to Healthy Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success (HOPES). The strength-based in-home parenting education program is free and voluntary to Vinton community members. LSI staff work with families to develop personal goals, connect them to important community resources, and ensure children are meeting all their developmental milestones. Due to COVID-19, LSI has been providing these services to parents virtually, via video or phone calls.

This program is available for families from pregnancy up until their child is four years old. Those interested in enrolling in the program can call 319.214.1054 or email

LSI is one of Iowa's largest human services agencies and impacts tens of thousands of Iowans annually through child abuse prevention, services for families and youth in crisis, services for people with disabilities, and refugee services. LSI is nationally accredited and proudly serves people of all ages, abilities, religions, sexes, gender identities, national origins, ethnicities, races, and sexual orientations. To learn more, visit Join us on Facebook at


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