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In partnership with the state's public health department, LifeServe Blood Center is assisting in the fight against COVID-19 by testing blood donations for COVID-19 antibodies to help understand the spread of the virus and to help identify individuals who may be eligible to provide convalescent plasma for critically ill hospital patients suffering from COVID-19. Click here for more details. This is not a diagnostic test to determine if you have the COVID-19 virus. LifeServe Blood Center is only providing antibody test results. Donors who feel unwell or who are displaying symptoms of any illness are not eligible to donate.

LifeServe is able to collect convalescent plasma donations at mobile blood drives, but please note the scheduling must be done through our office since there is a rigorous eligibility checklist a donor must meet. If you have a donor you think will be eligible, please reach out to me and we'll get them scheduled!

As the number of daily COVID-19 cases in our region rises, so does the need for convalescent plasma (CCP) in local hospitals. This month has seen the highest CCP usage since the beginning of the pandemic. As patient hospitalizations continue to increase, it is projected that the amount of CCP needed for treatment will outpace the amount of donations of this lifesaving blood product.

In the past fourteen days, LifeServe has provided more than 650 units of convalescent plasma to local hospitals. We're asking for the public's help to spread the word and for people who have recovered from COVID to step up and donate. We expect the demand for this type of blood product to double in the coming week. Only plasma given to a community blood center such as LifeServe Blood Center can help local hospital patients. Plasma given to a paid plasma center is needed for pharmaceutical use. While that is important and needed, it will not immediately impact patients in our hospitals today.

An eligible COVID-19 convalescent plasma donor will have tested positive for COVID-19 or have tested positive for the COVID-19 antibodies. Individuals who believe they had COVID but never received positive confirmation are encouraged to complete the CCP assessment form at to determine eligibility. Additionally, all blood donors receive an antibody test as part of the donation process. Potential donors can schedule an appointment or seek more information at or by calling 800-287-4903.

To help ensure the safety of our team members and other blood donors, we are enforcing the following precautionary measures:

* Appointments are required. Donors who do not have appointments will not be able to give blood.

* We are asking that blood donors pre-screen themselves for fever prior to appointments. Only donors with temperatures under 99.5 will be allowed to donate. If your temperature is higher than 99.5, please reschedule here or by calling us at 800.287.4903.

* Blood donors are required to wear a mask for the duration of their appointment. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you one.


* Click here to see a full list of precautions we're taking during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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