To order internet/video/voice, you simply need to request services, This can be made via website or by calling iVinton office (472-3255). After the date/time is set, Patriot will make the equipment installation in the home. This requires the homeowner to be present. With COVID-19 present, limited instruction is provided on the system workings. Much depends on the comfort level of the homeowners use of technology.

Tom Richtmeier suggested residents should contact iVinton at 472-3255 if you have not yet signed up for service.

The VMEU/VMCU Utilities met and the following business conducted:

The Electric Board and Utilities met via Zoom, approving the agenda, consent agenda and filing the minutes from the last meeting.

The Board also approved the invoices and financial reports.

Under Old Business, Dave Fridley from Farr Technologies reported that construction is moving along quickly, all the mainline duct was installed as last week, and the mainline fiber should be placed by the end of this week. The drop duct, dropped fiber and go-back drops should be completed in the next two weeks (the late sign-ups). The splicer should be done by the end of the month. Patriot is moving along, there have been 37 more sign-ups this week. The good news is that we're running under budget even with changes that came in.

ImOn reported via Cory Carpenter they are finishing some testing on their end. They are working on the billing system right now and getting that up and running. ImOn is also working on a lot of behind the scenes activity and expect to have their work completed before June.

Curtis Dean gave a report on SmartSource, he works with the cable and internet bulk services. He is working on pricing and explained that it's a complicated procedure to come up with the pricing making it fair to both iVinton and the customer while being competitive.

He is also working on the policy for those that sign up after the trucks leave town. Right now it says that the future customers will be paying the cost as well as a Network Facility cost of $250. He is looking at these numbers as well to see if they will be accurate and fine-tuning the contract for service. He's investigating the real cost of the hookup and additional policies and legalities.

The Utility has been researching the possibility of sometime in the future installing solar panels for the city. They are gathering information and tossing around the various prospects. Right now they agreed to consider the information for a later time.

Tom Richtmeier reported to the board

-44 MILES of main duct has been run underground for the iVinton project.

-the C60 boiler at the Light Plant is in need of repairs, at a cost of $15,000 or another option is to spend around $45,000 to get a smaller C40 boiler which would be more efficient. The board agreed to replace the boiler because parts will no longer be available for the 360.

-City Crews have also been spending a lot of time in the Hy-Vee and Kwik Star locations getting those businesses hooked up to the utility.

Anyone who needs to pay electric bills over the phone can do so by calling City Hall and using a credit or debit card.

The meetings were adjourned.

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