April 2, 2019

The Benton County Board of Supervisors met in regular adjourned session with Supervisors Primmer, Bierschenk and
Seeman present. Primmer called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Unless otherwise noted, all actions were approved
unanimously. Summarized Resolutions will be available in the Auditorís office and at: www.bentoncountyiowa.org

Bierschenk moved/Seeman seconded: To approve farm exemption application for Bryce and Karissa Vaughn for part of
the NE NE and SE NE of 4-86-12. Motion carried.
Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To approve the minutes from March 26, 2019. Motion carried.

Jackie Seitz and Darran Stein residents along 22nd Ave. Road came to discuss ongoing flooding along their road. This
was previously discussed earlier this fall and with the recent flooding and ice jam issues. Ben Vierling, assistant Engineer and
Randy Sherwood, Roads Supervisor were both present. The current road conditions are very soft and unstable so nothing can be
done until the conditions are right. Iowa One Call has been informed of the phone lines hanging. Next step would be to get a survey
and figure out the elevation it will need to be and also consider the funding for such a project. The current intention is to repair the
damage to get it opened back up without the risk of it failing soon. Discussion let to possible Hazard Mitigation projects, and the
Board advised the residents to talk with Scott Hansen, EMA Coordinator and see if there is any programs they could qualify for.

Quotes were obtained for a TV projector to be mounted in the Service Centerís conference room. Kelly Geater, Treasurer
is hoping to use this location to house her tax sale in June and was wondering what the future intent of the room is. If this can be
utilized by other entities as well. Ben Turnis was willing to save money and install the necessary equipment himself with some help.

Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To approve the quote for $2,554.00 for the projection equipment Ben Turnis
sees fit for the Benton County Service Center conference room. Motion carried.

The time of 9:30 a.m. having arrived, and this being the time and date for a public hearing for the 100 year floodplain and
wetland review of the proposed area to construct a storm water wetland at the intersection of US HWY 218 and C Ave. The Board
read aloud two positive comments that were submitted in favor of the project. One was from Ann Jorgensen and the other was
Erika Hodgson. Hearing no other further comments the public hearing was closed.

Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To approve final notice for publication of the 100 year floodplain and wetland
review. Motion carried.

Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To approve and authorize Chair to sign the Native American consultation letters
regarding WMAÖ.Motion carried.
Adam Rodenberg provided information regarding an EPA grant from the University of Iowa for monitoring water levels.
They would be able to put a few monitors within the Mud Creek watershed and a few bridges. He just wanted to give them a heads
up in case easements are needed in the future.

Bierschenk moved/Seeman seconded: To enter into closed session pursuant to Iowa Code 21.5(1)j. Motion carried at
10:03 a.m.

Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To enter back into open session at 11:00 a.m. Motion carried.

Seeman moved/Primmer seconded: To move forward with what was discussed in closed session and authorize the
chairman to sign the URA notice of owner rights letter. Voting aye were Seeman and Primmer. Bierschenk nay. Motion carried.

Results from a recent employee survey regarding their ranked interest in additional benefits such as: dental, vision, longterm disability, group term life and voluntary life. 44% were interested in the orthodontics, 40 % would participate in the voluntary
dental/vision. 95% would participate if employer contributes to dental/vision. Auditor Rippel brought up how being partially selffunded works. So just because the insurance premiums are less than what we have budgeted for and there is still a risk of paying
out from the reserve s for those who meet their deductibles, so they need to keep that in mind while making their decision. Currently
there are 33 on the single plans and 80 on the family plans. This would not take place until July 1st, so questions can get addressed
and action can be made in the near future.

Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To Approve Resolution #19-14, gifting LOSST funding for Urbana Fire
Department to purchase a new ambulance with a 10% match of $4,482.97. Motion carried.

Bierschenk moved/Seeman seconded: To approve hiring of Luke Hennings and Mark Volesky for seasonal truck
drivers at $16.00 an hour and Gerald Rivers for an internship position for 413.39 in the Weed Department, effective April 2, 2019.
Motion carried.

Bierschenk moved/Seeman seconded: To approve the 2019 noxious weed and roadside spraying notices. Motion

Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To approve Resolution #19-15, Destruction of Noxious Weeds pursuant to
provisions of Chapter 317, Code of Iowa and shall be destroyed on or before April 15, 2019. Motion carried.

Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To approve Resolution #19-16, Credit Card Authorization to various
Departments and setting spending limits all regulated by Benton Countyís credit card policy in the handbook section 6.9. Motion

Bierschenk moved/Seeman seconded: To authorize signature on the receipt from FEMA for flood insurance for
properties the county own at 111 E 3rd Street, 111 E 4th Street and 205 2nd Ave. Vinton. Motion carried.

Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To Approve Auditorís Quarterly Report ending March 31, 2019. Motion carried.

New business was discussed regarding the topic of wind generated towers in Benton County. The Board asked Marc
Greenlee to reach out to the State level with some questions and how the Board can regulate within the unincorporated areas of
Benton County and they will discuss it in more detail next week. The Assessor also informed the Board that his 2019 assessment
notices have been mailed.

Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To adjourn. Motion carried.
Rick Primmer, Chairman
ATTEST: _________________________________
Hayley Rippel, Benton County Auditor

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