The regular meeting of the Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District board of directors was called to order by President Levis at 6:00 PM at Central Office. All board members answered roll call and all administrators were present.

Guidance Counselors Scott Tandy, Sandy Hamilton and Erin Heims shared an update on the Individual Career and Academic Plan that all students in grades 8-12 will use. They are working with a program through Iowa State that supports students exploring and planning for different career paths.

Teresa Meyer, president of the Vinton-Shellsburg CSD Foundation, shared an overview of the foundation’s work including the Difference Maker program.

Under Administrator Reports, the board reviewed written reports plus Mr. Kingsbury shared the ACT and Kirkwood assessments that would be given on March 13 and that the third quarter will end on March 29 because of the many snow days.

Under the Superintendent’s Report, Superintendent Hainstock shared open enrollment applications filed on behalf of Hudson and Landon Campbell and Hailey Lyon to attend our district; Mattison Thoma to attend the Iowa Virtual Academy; Seraiah, Saphhire, Jaimi and Brady Hillmer to attend Union; Katelynn and Levi Hill to attend CR HSAP; Darron Holm to attend CR CSD; Faith, Nevaeh, Josiah and Jaybin Kopf to attend Marion’s HSAP; and Arora Candler to attend CR – all for the 2019-20 year. She also shared the board policy that relates to open, closed and exempt meetings in recognition of Sunshine Week.

Under Board Reports/Requests, Ms. Van Steenhuyse shared about the voucher bill that is making its way through the Iowa legislature and her advocacy efforts to have it defeated. Mr. Schminke shared his recent attendance at several school activities and noted they were well attended.

Under General Business of the Board:

The Board reviewed and approved the Consent Agenda items; they included:

§ Minutes from the February 18th regular and 28th special board meetings; claims and financials;

§ Bids from Mr. Farmer to purchase computers for the 2019-20 freshman and MS/HS staff plus recommendation to approve a bid from ITS for the network;

§ Contract from Delta Dental for the annual renewal for qualifying employees;

§ Resignation from Marlene Fritz as an associate at the HS at the end of the year;

§ Hiring of Kelsey Franck to assist with the HSAP productions; Troy Hallberg as assistant 8th grade boys’ track coach; Matt Hilby as assistant 7th grade boys’ track coach; Anthony Church as assistant 8th grade girls’ track coach; West Recker as assistant 7th grade girls’ track coach and Tiffany Thompson for the MS kitchen;

§ Equipment disposal and sale of the senior’s and some staff computers.

The board conducted a public hearing on the 2019-20 calendar. There was one patron who spoke and shared a concern of too many schedule disruptions during the month of March. The board approved the calendar as presented.

The board reviewed the 2019-20 budget. It included a review of school funding basics, financial history, anticipated expenses, implications moving forward, and next steps. The board discussed various options within the budget including whether or not to pre-pay additional bonds. (Refinancing in 2012 will save taxpayers $1,000,000 in interest and last year they pre-paid about $700,000 worth of the bonds that will save another $80,000 in interest over time.) They noted they were reluctant to raise the levy rate and looked at options that would keep the rate stable and still meet the financial obligations of the district.

The board voted to publicize the 2019-20 budget and amendment to the 2018-19 budget that includes continuing utilizing the Instructional Support Levy at 10% of the regular program student cost and funded through 2% income surtax and property tax; utilizing the Cash Reserve Levy to cover the special education deficit from 2017-28, the open enrolled out students who were not on last year’s certified enrollment; utilizing the Management Levy; Utilizing the voter approved PPEL at $1.34 and funded through 5% income surtax and the remainder through property tax; utilizing the board approved PPEL at 33¢; paying off bond debt through a combination of SAVE/LOST dollars and the debt service levy; and paying off additional bond debt. The hearing will be on April 8th at 6:30 PM.

The board voted to participate in the Budget Guarantee for the 2019-20 year.

The board approved the recommended list of summer PPEL/LOST projects.

The board conducted the first reading of board policies related to EESA.

I updated the board on recent legislative work.

There were no audience comments.

The board reviewed Correspondence Items.

President Levis adjourned the meeting at 8:06 PM.

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