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The pace picked up in week four, of this, the 88th session of the General Assembly. Many bills are being filed now and passed out of committee, and among them are the funding bills for education, HF 306, which will increase funding known as Supplemental State Aid (SSA), and HF 307 which will help schools with transportation costs and make them more equitable statewide, as they are not currently. This will be a help for schools in District 75, so I’m very pleased.

There are also two bills that came out of the Ethics Committee which address ethics with legislators and lobbyists, HSB 96 & HSB 97. These will be debated in the near future.

HSB 110 is a bill which deals with how Iowa nominates judges, with the intent to make it more equitable. We will see how it plays out.

On Wednesday, I had the honor of visiting with some of the superintendents from District 75!

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