Zombie Run October 19th

This is a run for survival not a time! You have the choice to run as a Human, trying to survive, or a Zombie. You will run, rain or shine.


Mini Humans (12 and younger) race begins at 1 pm

Mini Humans may have a parent/guardian with but they will not be registered or have a belt

Humans (13 and older) race beings at 4 pm


Humans will receive a flag football belt the flags are your vital organs

To survive, Humans must cross the finish line with one vital organ remaining

This is not a race for time but survival

Humans may dress up

Teams minimum of 3 humans only one team member needs to have a flag remaining for the team to survive

Humans that become infected with the living dead virus, lose all of their flags, must still cross the finish line

Medals will be awarded


Mission infect the Humans with the living dead virus by eating their vital organs (taking their flags)


Zombies will be in teams, create your own or we will assign you

Zombie Team Leaders are volunteers assigned to each team for safety

Do your own makeup or we can make the transformation for you

Creeper Zombies slow movers that either crawl or walk slowly, but are able to lunge rather quickly

Leaper Zombies fast movers that are allowed to chase Humans



There will be no intentional physical contact between Zombies and Humans other than going for flags, Violators will be DISQUALIFIED No Exceptions

Humans will finish the race as a human survivor or infected human, NOT a Zombie

No hiding of flags or you will be disqualified from any awards

Humans line up at least 10 minutes prior to your start time

Humans or Zombies under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to participate

Food and beverages are not allowed as there will be concessions available

Registration for 13 and over

Registration for 12 and under

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