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Tami Stark

This Saturday, August 17th, will see the first of it’s kind in Vinton, a parade on the Cedar River!!

For the past 10 years, the Cedar River R.A.T.S. has hosted an annual clean up of the Cedar River, made possible with the help of the community and the participation of volunteers from neighboring towns and counties. This year, in honor of Vinton’s 150th Anniversary, instead of their annual clean up, the R.A.T.S. are hosting a parade on the river! And in keeping with the tradition of days gone by, are honoring the original Cedar Sailors Boat Club of the 1980s! Just like the cleanup, the parade is open to everyone and no pre-registration is required. Boats, kayaks, canoes and tubes are ALL invited to float with us this Saturday. Like you, we realize the water level is more than a ‘tad’ low, so we’ve made the route’s starting point close enough to town that everyone that wants to float shouldn’t have any problems getting there!

The meeting point will be at the sandbar just under the high lines, which is just around the corner from the river bridge. We would like everyone that wants to participate to be there by 11:30 so we can get organized and be ready to start our float at noon. We’ll be floating down along Celebration Park, and on past the park ramp and the new river overlook at Riverside Park, which will serve as the end of our official route. It’s a short route, and we are anticipating that it will take an hour from beginning to end, allowing for plenty of time for everyone on the water that wants to be in or watch the ‘Grand Land’ Parade plenty of time to be where they need to be by 2:00.

Decorating your boat or floatation device is NOT necessary, but it IS highly encouraged!! Let’s have fun and celebrate not only Vinton, but also the appreciation of the Cedar River that we all love and enjoy every chance we can!

Please call Tami at 319-558-7476 if you have any questions!

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