Want to be part of the Cedar River Parade but don't have a boat? No problem! The water parade is open to EVERYONE!

Pontoon, Kayak, Canoe, and even Inner tubes are welcome! Decorating isn't necessary, but it is encouraged!

This year, in recognition of Vinton’s 150th Celebration, the R.A.T.S. have invited the Sailors to join them on the water once again but not for a cleanup, but for a Cedar River Parade!

On Saturday, August 17th these 2 groups will meet on the water between 11:00 and 11:30, organize their line up and then float their parade down for arrival at Celebration Park by 1:15!

Landing in plenty of time for everyone from spectators to participants to make it to the fairgrounds or 4th Street for Vinton’s 150th Celebratory “Grand Land” parade! No one will need to miss a thing on this first day to kick off Vinton’s week of fun!!

It is so important to note, the River Parade is open to everyone!! Canoes, Kayaks, Boats, Pontoons, even tubes and rafts if that’s what you like! You do not need to be a former Cedar Sailor or a R.A.T. to participate in this event, we want to have an awesome presence on the water and we want to have fun and celebrate with Vinton!

As the saying goes, ‘the more the merrier’! It is also important to note that while decorating your boat is not a requirement, it IS highly encouraged!!

Commemorative shirts will be available by pre-order only!

For any questions on this, call Tami @ 319-558-7476 or Bob @ 319-560-9071.

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