Popular 2nd Annual Event Partners with Area Fareway in Honor of National Beef Month

The 2018 Iowa Farm Bureau Food and Farm Index, which polls Iowan grocery shoppers on their buying habits and food beliefs, showed nearly 90 percent of Iowa households eat beef on a weekly basis. In addition, with plant-based meat alternatives finding a way into the market, 70 percent of respondents didn’t believe these items should be allowed to use the “meat” label. So, to bring the people what they want—real meat— Benton County Farm Bureau and the Benton County Cattlemen have partnered with the Vinton Fareway, to give away packs of T-bone steaks.

Each “T-bone Tuesday” during the month of May, the Vinton Fareway will draw for one lucky winner to receive a four pack of T-bones. To enter the contest, visit the meat counter to have your name entered. No purchase is necessary, and winners will be contacted via phone to return to the Fareway meat counter and pick up their winning package of steaks.

“Iowans love meat, and as a cattle farmer myself it brings me a lot of pride when Iowans choose to eat beef,” states Benton County Farm Bureau member Darren Stein. “T-Bone Tuesday is a fun way to share the nutritional benefits of beef while thanking shoppers for choosing the food their fellow community members are helping to raise.”

With the rise of diets focused on protein and animal fats, like the Keto and Paleo diets, beef remains a popular choice for meat eaters and health enthusiasts. A single 3-oz serving of beef provides the human body with half of the daily recommended value of protein and is a great source of nutrients that help build muscle mass and promote a healthy brain. And despite the buzz in the news, beef is actually a sustainable food product with a low carbon footprint. “Here in the U.S., according to the Environmental Protection Agency, which looks at admissions electricity production and use makes up about 30 percent of all greenhouse gases, transportation about 27 percent and animal agriculture less than 4 percent,” said Dr. Frank Mitloehner, professor of animal science and an air quality extension specialist at University California, Davis, in a recent Iowa Farm Bureau Spokesman Speaks podcast.

“The ‘T-Bone Tuesday’ promotion last year was a huge hit, and we are excited to be partnering with Benton County Farm Bureau and the Cattlemen to bring it back to our store,” says Bret Nelson, Vinton Fareway’s meat department manager.

Be sure to stop at the meat counter all through the month of May and enter to win a package of T-bone steaks to celebrate National Beef Month. Follow the Benton County Farm Bureau Facebook page for more beef facts and to see weekly photos of the T-Bone Tuesday winners.

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