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By: Taylor

For the past 6 weeks, Cedar 2 has served with River Bend Nature Center, the Racine City Foresty Department, Racine Revitalization Partnership, Smolenski Park and the Racine Health Department. All of these organizations partner with the teamís main sponsor, Greening Greater Racine, which has given the team the opportunities to help the environment and community of Racine, Wisconsin.

Through these organizations, Cedar 2 has accomplished a variety of tasks such as creating wetlands, planting trees and other native plants, removing lead paint and repainting local homes, removing invasive species and restocking firewood.

In addition to working with the many partnering sponsors of Greening Greater Racine, Cedar 2 has also done additional Independent Service Projects with organizations such as Racine Urban Garden Network and Weed Out! Racine. With these organizations, the team was able to plant 200 trees at Colonial Park, remove garlic muster and assisted in maintaining 2 local garden beds as well as building one new one.

Outside of the teams busy schedule, Cedar 2 has been able to enjoy their free time in the community by attending events such as local live music performances and the towns annual art festival as well as exploring downtown's shops, restaurants and movie theaters.

"Being part of so many different organizations seemed intimidating at first," says Estelle Usunier of Utah "but once we got started it became enjoyable to be able to mix up the tasks so frequently and it was nice to see how much can be done for the community in such short periods of time!"

Greening Greater Racine is an environmental movement whose mission is to motivate and educate people, organizations, businesses and government leaders to take action in creating a healthier and more sustainable Racine area both now and in the future.

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