The North Eden Willing Workers meeting was called to order at 5:04 PM. Eighteen members were present. Past events discussed were bowling and future events discussed was having a photography workshop, the Iowa State trip, having a float in the boomtown parade, and animal workshop.

Giving presentations Morgan Lang did hers on how to ride a unicycle, Sydney Walton on how
to make a dump cake, Samantha Walton gave her presentation on giving the heimlich, Isabel Mullinax on how to make a sun catcher and Carli Lang on how to make no bake cookies. The meeting was adjoined with the 4-H pledge.

The May Meeting of the North Eden Willing Workers 4-h Club was called to order at 5:30 on Monday, May 27. The club had a discussion on the money in our club and how we want to use it. Ty Lillibridge made a motion to give a donation to the church and buy a new gavel for the club. The motion was seconded and voted on- motion carried. Aleric Weber made a motion to have pizza after the Fair Booth Set up. The motion was seconded and motion carried. New business was ideas for fair booth decorating, working the dairy booth, garbage shifts and fair entry. Samantha Walton made a motion that $25 be given to each member who participates in 2 garbage shifts and will reimburse up to $10 for projects. The motion was seconded and carried. Aleric made a motion for $100-150 to be donated from can money from fair to be donated to the Amerian Legion in their recovery efforts. The motion was seconded the motion carried. Ty made a motion that any money leftover after fair be turned over to the Extension Office after a lengthy discussion on the new 4-H rules for club money. The motion failed as no one wanted to turn it over. The leader then said that while the motion failed, per the rules, the money will have to be turned over. Kate Hyland gave a presentation on Smore’s bars.

The meeting was adjourned by Ethan Rollinger after the 4-H Pledge and Pledge of Allegiance were done.
Snacks were served.

by Sydney Walton

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