By Dylan Collins


Cedar 1 is getting things done in Millinocket, Maine with Katahdin Area Trails. The team has been serving with this organization since May 6 where they have been helping build mountain bike trails around the New England Outdoor Center.


The team has been working very hard with Katahdin Area Trails to build bike trails with the intention of bringing more tourism to the area and thus revitalizing the Katahdin area's economy. The trails also benefit the local community and schools by allowing residents access to fun opportunities to pursue a healthier lifestyle.


NCCC members have participated in one independent service project since arriving. They worked on the Katahdin Summit project. An annual memorial service for fallen soldiers. The service is performed by volunteer hikers in which families give hikers a rock, symbolizing their fallen family member, and hikers climb Mount Katahdin while reflecting on the soldier's story. It's a symbolic experience for the families to aid them in the grieving process and help them to move on.


Photo 1: Team leader Hans drags brush off of future mountain bike trail.

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