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Cedar 5 Preston Pham is moving soil to be used for planting at a local middle school.

By Javier Rocha

AmeriCorps NCCC team Cedar 5 continues to serve with Sioux County Extension in Ft. Yates, N.D. They have been helping with providing access to fresh foods within the extreme food desert of the Standing Rock Reservation.

The team has been busy constructing, renovating and planting community gardens since their arrival on May 8. Some tasks they have completed include: fixing hoop houses, weeding gardens, planting vegetables and digging up vegetables for community use.

In addition, Cedar 5 has also spent time at a local middle school serving lunch to the students, helping set up local events, and cleaning out classrooms.

“It has been so cool to work in the gardens and to be able to see the happiness we bring to the people that live in the communities when they come talk to us. It brings a big sense of contentment to me to be a part of something bigger than myself that helps people,” says Cedar 5 member Preston.

Cedar 5 has also completed two independent service projects at a local zoo where they helped with beautification projects to improve the overall look of the zoo.

The Sioux County Extension mission is to “empower North Dakotans to improve their lives and communities through science based education.” They provide education to help North Dakotans improve their lives, livelihoods and communities. The organization emphasizes strengthening agriculture, stimulating communities, developing youths’ potential, building strong families and protecting the environment.

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