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Nick with a Rotary Club volunteer and Walmart volunteer planting a tree at Horseshoe Mound

By Nicholas Ku

AmeriCorps NCCC team Maple 6 is serving at various preserves with the Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation (JDCF) planting trees, removing invasive species, and renovating work sheds. The majority of their service work has occurred at Horseshoe Mound in Galena, Illinois where the team is helping to restore the native Oak Savannah to its original population. The team is also working at other JDCF preserves cleaning, painting and building shelves in a work shed.

In addition, Maple 6 had the opportunity to participate in a tree planting event organized by JDCF in cooperation with the local Rotary Club and Walmart's volunteer program. Splitting into teams of 3 to 4 people from differing organizations together they planted 89 trees of various species.

“Learning about the positive impact our service with the JDCF will have on the environment in the long term has made our experience even more enjoyable and memorable than it already was,” says AmeriCorps NCCC member Nick, of Bellevue, Washington.

Outside of the project, Maple 6 has volunteered at the Safe Haven Humane Society in Elizabeth, IL as an Independent Service Project. An opportunity well enjoyed by the team, they helped in maintenance, cleaning, and animal care for cats and dogs.

The mission of the Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation is to preserve land for the lasting well-being of people and wildlife.

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