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Quentarrius using a rhino to flatten the River Trail for a better access for future visitors.

By Sara Monks

Maple 2 is currently serving at Tahquamenon Falls State Park in Paradise Michigan maintaining and rerouting the 4.5-mile long River Trail for future visitors of the park. Their main goal is to improve access on the trail connecting the Upper and Lower Falls at the park. By creating new trails and reestablishing other parts of the existing trails, the AmeriCorps NCCC team is helping local residents and tourists gain access to more sections of the park and a better appreciation for the natural environment, especially the falls themselves.

As Maple 2 continues to work on the trail maintenance between the falls, they are also helping around the park on tasks such as constructing, assembling and staining 12 picnic tables, replanting 4,000 brown trout into the Tahquamenon River with students from the local school, and preparing areas of the park for the busy summer season including the archery field and information station known as the “Fact Shack.”

“My experience so far with Tahquamenon Falls State Park has been quite a journey,” said Quentarrius Cole from Georgia. “I have learned so much about the environment and the importance of the trail work we are doing. I have really enjoyed my time here and I look forward to learning so much more in the weeks to come.”

Outside of their service work, the team has also been devoting as much of their time as possible to experience the surrounding areas of Paradise, Michigan. These explorations include trips to local businesses and stores in Newberry, hiking the Tahquamenon River Trail and sections of the North Country Trail, and visiting the Whitefish Point Shipwreck Museum off of Lake Superior.

The team is currently collaborating with Tahquamenon Falls State Park on a Community Service Day planned for Saturday, June 15th. The Community Service Day would entail a coordinated street litter clean up along the outskirts of the park followed by a cookout sponsored by the park.

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