The Vision Dysart Committee is pleased to announce the creation of two new illusions and the first annual repainting of The Great Dysart Gorge, an anamorphic illusion that intentionally distorts perspective to give the appearance of dimension. Preparation will begin on Friday, May 3, 2019. From 4 – 6 pm the Dysart Fire Department and community volunteers including the Boy Scouts, will scrub and rinse the Gorge on Main Street Dysart between Clark and Wilson Streets. Repainting will begin on the following day.

Immediately following the repainting of the Gorge volunteers will paint a giant Vortex in the intersection of Wilson and Main Streets. When complete the volunteer painters will paint the side of Terry’s grocery store to resemble a WWI dazzle camouflaged ship.

This community of 1400 has no art center or museum. “But,” said artist Mary Snyder Behrens, “we have our streets, the park, bike trails and the sides of buildings. What a great way to bring the experience of art to our community in such an accessible way.” The Great Dysart Gorge was the first in a series of planned public artworks leading up to Dysart’s sesquicentennial in 2023. In addition to the three mentioned above, illusions are painted on the C. R. Roberts Memorial Trail, outside the Little Knights Learning Center and, in the City Park, a magic anamorphic cylinder of a Koi Pond.

Follow for updates on the progress of the artworks.

Vision Dysart is a steering committee sponsored by the Dysart Development Corporation. The committee was formed in response to an Iowa Economic Development community assessment conducted on 9 November 2017. The report indicated strengths and weaknesses within the community and suggested strategies for improvement. Vision Dysart consists of individuals from the business community, government and the community at large, working together to find inventive new ways to help contribute to the betterment of Dysart now and into the future.