In a Pinch?

With Service Learning

It’s a Cinch.

Ever plan a big deal at your house and then panic when suddenly that in-the-future date is right on top of you and you’re not ready?

Well, of course, the CPU Service Learning class can’t bail everybody out of those situations, but they spent a couple of days last week doing just that for the Center Point Historical Society Museum.

The following members of Mr. Tupa’s Service Learning class helped clean the Museum and designed and set up displays: Caleb Takes, Noah Millhouse, Landon Wood, Austin Brubaker, Nick Weber, Hayden Chiafos, Derek Besick, Riley Tubandt, Dylan Knudtson, Ellea Kreb, Faith Even, Arissa Engel, Emma Hearn, Bryston Raue, Tristen Brehm and Johanna Rick.

The Depot Museum opens for the season on Sunday, May 5 at 2 p.m. with the annual Player Piano Party and the added attraction of a spelling bee for fifth graders at 2:30. The Historical Society’s theme this year is ‘Readin,’ ‘Ritin,’ and Rememberin.’

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