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Bev Winkie was posthumously awarded the 2020 Betty Grandquist Lifetime Achievement Award from the Iowa Commission on Aging, the policy-making body for the Iowa Department on Aging. The prestigious award is intended to recognize Iowans who have dedicated a portion of their personal or professional lives to achieving excellence in the fields of aging and/or disability or have made significant contributions to promoting independence and enhancing quality of life among older Iowans and Iowans with disabilities.

For decades, Winkie was a tireless advocate for the power of lifelong learning. As an educator and lifelong learner herself, she believed that lifelong learning could empower senior citizens and enrich their lives. She served on boards and in organizations that held the same beliefs, including The Iowa Museum Association education committee and the Benton County American Cancer Society. In 2013, she established the Wallace Winkie Foundation to promote lifelong learning through scholarships, a statewide Lifelong Learner Hall of Fame, the Iowa Lifelong Learners app, and other programs.

In 2015, Winkie was appointed to the Iowa Commission on Aging by Gov. Terry Branstad. In 2019, she joined the newly formed board for the Heritage Area Agency on Aging.

Bev Winkie joins past recipients of the award, including former state Rep. Dave Heaton, Bob Welsh, Kitty Buckwalter, Russ Proffitt, and Di Findley.


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