A 70-foot shark and Jason Statham. What more do I need to say to reel you in? See what I did there.

NOW SHOWING: The Meg in RealD 3D RATED: PG-13

Friday, September 14 thru Thursday, September 20 at 7 PM Monday, September 17 at 2 PM

Five years ago, expert sea diver and Naval Captain, Jonas Tyler encountered an unknown danger in the unexplored recesses of the Mariana Trench that forced him to abort his mission and abandon his crew. He claimed a 70-foot sea creature believed to be extinct caused the attack.

Fast forward to a submersible lying at the bottom of the ocean, disabled. Jonas gets the call for a rescue mission. Jonas must confront his own fears and life as well as the lives on board with a question; could the Carcharodon Megalodon, the largest marine predator that ever existed still be alive?

This movie looks like an interesting story with some action! Jason Statham and Rainn Wilson together in a movie?! Yes please. If you don’t remember Rainn Wilson – he played Dwight on the popular comedy series, The Office, which my husband and I love. If you haven’t seen the show, I’m going to just go ahead and plug it here.

Anyway – we hope to see you this week at the movies! Where there are no real sharks, but lots of hot buttery popcorn to dive into. Abby

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