Once upon a time, Iowa farmers raised non-confinement hogs, had a herd of beef cows and probably fed out their own calves, maybe even milked some cows for the regular milk check, possibly had a few sheep and some of their wives raised chickens. Now no fences—no cows; not a hog in sight in the leading hog-producing state; and you’re more likely to see chickens in town than on a farm.

Center Point’s newly retired Doc Troup had a front row seat for the striking changes in Iowa agriculture over the last 50 years. He graduated from Iowa State Veterinary College in 1968 and practiced in Center Point until last January.

Come for an informal talk with Doc on Sunday, July 29, at 2 p.m. at the Center Point Historical Society Depot Museum.

The Museum theme this year is medical and one of the displays is vintage veterinary equipment on loan from Doc.

Museum and program admission is free.

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