Van Steenhuyse Announces Sale to Teahen Funeral Home
Frank and Kathy Van Steenhuyse are pleased to announce the sale of Van Steenhuyse-Russell Funeral
Home to Teahen Funeral Home of Cedar Rapids. The sale will be completed in the next few weeks.

“Kathy and I will remain very active in providing comfort and support to the families served by Van
Steenhuyse-Russell Funeral Home and we will continue to live in Vinton,” said Frank Van Steenhuyse. He
continued: “Our grandchildren all live out of state and are growing up too fast. The relationship with
Teahen Funeral Home will allow us more time and opportunities to visit our grandchildren and celebrate
their achievements as they grow.”

Peter Teahen and his daughter Beth Teahen welcome Frank and Kathy Van Steenhuyse and their staff to
Teahen Funeral Home. “Van Steenhuyse-Russell Funeral Home has a history of ethical service and
commitment to Vinton and surrounding communities”, Peter Teahen stated. “Paired with Teahen’s
dedication to the Cedar Rapids area since 1936, families can be assured our expertise, care, and
compassion will continue in both communities,” said Peter. Beth Teahen noted, “Our experienced staff
is devoted to supporting and guiding families during their time of need. We welcome you to contact us
at either our Cedar Rapids or our Vinton location.”

“We are pleased,” Van Steenhuyse noted, “to welcome the Teahens to Vinton and look forward to
working with them for years to come.”

You can rest assured that the sale of the funeral home will not have an adverse effect on your
preneed arrangements. We are honored and consider it a privilege to continue to serve you. We will
be happy to answer any questions you may have and/or to review your pre-need
arrangements. Please call for an appointment at 319-472-2233.

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Happy "almost" retirement!
By: Rosemary Boisen on March 30th 2:14pm

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